STC Number - 7

Regionalization in relation to animal health

Maintained by: United States of America
Raised by: European Union
Supported by:
First date raised: May 1996 G/SPS/R/5 para. 15
Dates subsequently raised:
Number of times subsequently raised: 0
Relevant documents: G/SPS/N/USA/37 RD/SPS/114
Products covered:
Primary subject keyword: Animal Health
Keywords: Animal health; International Standards / Harmonization; Pest- or Disease- free Regions / Regionalization; Risk assessment
Status: Resolved
Solution: In October 2020, information was received from the European Union on the resolution of this STC (RD/SPS/114, 29 October 2020).
Date reported as resolved: 05/11/2020

Extracts from SPS Committee meeting summary reports

In May 1996, the representative of the European Communities expressed concern with regard to a notification by the United States on the introduction of the concept of regionalization in import policy and internal control policy in relation to animal health (G/SPS/N/USA/37). While the representative of the European Communities welcomed the initiative by the United States with regard to regionalization, it was the opinion of the European Communities that the policy proposed by the United States did not meet the criteria of a true regionalization approach, at least not the way it had been developed in the European Communities and it had been discussed in other international fora such as the OIE. The representative of the United States outlined the proposal and stressed that its objective was to facilitate trade and to fulfil the obligations of the United States under the SPS Agreement, in particular Article 5.2 on risk assessment.

In November 2020, the Secretariat informed that in September 2020 it had contacted all Members who had raised specific trade concerns (STCs) that had not been discussed in the previous year, to request an update on their status. In furtherance of this request, information was received from the European Union on the resolution of this STC. The Secretariat indicated that the information received had been circulated in document RD/SPS/114 of 29 October 2020, and that the SPS IMS would be updated on this basis, using the date of the November 2020 SPS Committee meeting as the date of resolution of the relevant STCs.