STC Number - 424

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Guide for Control of Imported Foods

Maintained by: Bahrain, Kingdom of; Kuwait, the State of; Oman; Qatar; Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of; United Arab Emirates
Raised by: United States of America
Supported by: Brazil
First date raised: July 2017 G/SPS/R/87, paras. 4.3-4.4
Dates subsequently raised:
Number of times subsequently raised: 0
Relevant documents: G/SPS/N/BHR/164, G/SPS/N/QAT/22/Add.3, G/SPS/N/OMN/44/Rev.1, G/SPS/N/SAU/14/Add.2, G/SPS/N/KWT/4/Add.1 and G/SPS/N/BHR/164/Add.1
Products covered:
Primary subject keyword: Food safety
Keywords: Certification, control and inspection; Members' Regulatory information
Status: Not reported
Date reported as resolved:

Extracts from SPS Committee meeting summary reports

In July 2017, the United States expressed concerns on the proposed Guide for Control on Imported Foods (Guide), developed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (notified as G/SPS/N/BHR/164, G/SPS/N/QAT/22/Add.3, G/SPS/N/OMN/44/Rev.1 and G/SPS/N/SAU/14/Add.2). The United States expressed appreciation to GCC members for the extensive bilateral engagement and to Kuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain for their June notifications on their non-implementation of the Guide until further notice (G/SPS/N/KWT/4/Add.1 and G/SPS/N/BHR/164/Add.1, respectively). The United States urged all GCC members to follow that example to prevent any confusion as to the status of the proposed food safety requirements.

Brazil shared the concern of the United States and also welcomed Kuwait and Bahrain's notifications, as well as the continued engagement with the GCC.

Bahrain, on behalf of the GCC, thanked the United States and Brazil for their interest and engagement, and informed that the rest of the GCC members would be notifying their suspension of the implementation of the Guide.