STC Number - 365

Import conditions on poultry

Maintained by: Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
Raised by: European Union
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First date raised: October 2013 G/SPS/R/73, paras. 3.19-3.20
Dates subsequently raised:
Number of times subsequently raised: 0
Relevant documents: Raised orally
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Primary subject keyword: Food safety
Status: Not reported
Date reported as resolved:

Extracts from SPS Committee meeting summary reports

In October 2013, the European Union raised concerns regarding a poultry import ban and general unjustified delays and unclear import conditions in Saudi Arabia. The poultry ban had been maintained for more than ten years without scientific justification, despite positive steps towards a solution. Saudi Arabia referred to national and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) standards, but did not specify which rules applied to the import of specific products, including poultry or poultry meat. The "GCC Guide for Food Import Control" referenced by Saudi Arabia had only been notified to the WTO in draft form, in 2011. The European Union also considered that Saudi Arabia's approval fees exceeded the related costs, noting that Saudi Arabia required EU member States to cover all the costs of inspection visits, and also to pay a fee of EUR 20,000 per establishment.
Saudi Arabia expressed its willingness to work with the European Union towards a solution, and noted that lifting the ban was a matter of priority.