STC Number - 360

Import policy on swallow nests

Maintained by: China
Raised by: Indonesia
Supported by:
First date raised: October 2013 G/SPS/R/73, para. 3.9-3.10
Dates subsequently raised: March 2015 (G/SPS/R/78, para. 3.50)
Number of times subsequently raised: 1
Relevant documents: G/SPS/N/CHN/472
Products covered:
Primary subject keyword: Food safety
Status: Resolved
Solution: Indonesia reported that its concern regarding China's import policy for bird nests had been resolved.
Date reported as resolved: 26/03/2015

Extracts from SPS Committee meeting summary reports

In October 2013, Indonesia raised concerns regarding the effects that China's registration requirements for foreign food-producing enterprises, notified in August 2011 (G/SPS/N/CHN/472), had on its exports of edible bird nests. Indonesia, the world's largest bird nest producer, had signed a protocol with China on the inspection, quarantine and hygiene requirements for the importation of bird nest products in April 2012. Since then, Indonesia had striven to comply with the Chinese requirements, among others on traceability. The Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency had conducted feasibility assessments in eight bird nest processing plants, and invited the Chinese authorities to conduct a verification visit. No response had been received from China. Indonesia characterized China's registration requirements as complicated and burdensome, and urged China to bring its measures in line with WTO rules.

China noted that since the conclusion of the protocol, it had actively engaged with Indonesia, urging it to comply with the protocol and to inform China accordingly. China invited Indonesia to provide a veterinary and sanitary certificate model, certificates of origin, and documents on its control systems in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

In March 2015, Indonesia reported that specific trade concern number 360 concerning China's import policy for bird nests had been resolved. Indonesia expressed appreciation to the Government of China and welcomed further cooperation in the future.
China thanked Indonesia for the update and expressed its intention to solve additional specific trade concerns and to continue bilateral discussions with Indonesia.