STC Number - 338

Import ban on live animals from the EU

Maintained by: Russian Federation
Raised by: European Union
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First date raised: October 2012 G/SPS/R/69, paras. 15-16
Dates subsequently raised:
Number of times subsequently raised: 0
Relevant documents: Raised orally
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Primary subject keyword: Animal Health
Keywords: Animal health; Zoonoses
Status: Not reported
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Extracts from SPS Committee meeting summary reports

In October 2012, the European Union raised a concern regarding measures taken by Russia to ban imports of live non-breeding pigs and ruminants from the whole EU territory and breeding pigs from part of the European Union due to alleged Brucella findings. Russia had not provided scientific evidence to justify the ban, nor information on the proportionality of the measure nor the negative effects the ban sought to limit. Russia had identified only two cases of concern related to live animals, which the European Union deemed insufficient to provide justification for the complete ban. Russia had not provided a risk assessment warranting a total ban on imports, and the European Union asked Russia to lift the import ban on live breeding and non-breeding pigs.

Russia asserted that joint inspections by Russian and Belarus-Kazakhstan-Russia Customs Union experts found numerous and repeated violations in animal surveillance, and the ban on live animals from the European Union was preceded by a risk assessment. Following negotiations, the European Union had agreed to take additional measures to ensure the safety of animals and animal products intended for the Russian market. The import ban was necessary to protect against animal diseases and unsafe animal products, but Russia was ready for further dialogue with the European Union.