STC Number - 162

Fumigation standards

Maintained by: Japan
Raised by: United States of America
Supported by:
First date raised: April 2003 G/SPS/R/29, paras. 31-32
Dates subsequently raised:
Number of times subsequently raised: 0
Relevant documents: Raised orally
Products covered: 08 Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons; 1006 Rice.
Primary subject keyword: Plant Health
Keywords: Plant health
Status: Resolved
Solution: Information was received from the United States on the resolution of this STC.
Date reported as resolved: 16/10/2013

Extracts from SPS Committee meeting summary reports

In April 2003, the United States reported that a newly adopted measure by Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food prohibited the re-fumigation of fruit or rice which had previously undergone fumigation in the United States. Japan had not notified this measure and the United States requested clarification from Japan on the objective of the measure, its scope, implementation, enforcement and projected trade effects, as well as a delay in its implementation.

Japan stated that it would transmit the United States' concern to its authorities and respond in due course.

Following the June 2013 meeting, the Secretariat contacted all Members who had raised STCs since 1995 but for which no resolution had been reported. In furtherance of this request, information was received from the United States on the resolution of this STC.