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United States of America Communautés européennes - Mesures affectant l'agrément et la commercialisation des produits biotechnologiques - Demande de consultations présentée par les États-Unis - Corrigendum 22/05/2003 Request for consultations; Unrestricted
G/AG/NG/W/37/Corr.1 Committee on Agriculture - Special Session - Market Access - Submission by Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zimbabwe - Corrigendum 11/10/2000 Communication; Unrestricted
G/C/W/187/Add.3 Council for Trade in Goods - Request for a WTO Waiver - New ACP-EC Partnership Agreement - Addendum 14/04/2000 Communication; Derestricted
G/L/274/Corr.1 WTO Secretariat Report (1998) on the Activities of the Corrigendum 23/11/1998 Consistency; Equivalence; International Standards / Harmonization; Specific Trade Concerns (STCs); Technical assistance; Transparency; Pest or Disease free Regions / Regionalization; Report; Unrestricted
United States - Measures Affecting the Importation of Animals, Meat and Other Animal Products from Argentina - Request for consultations by Argentina - Corrigendum 11/09/2012 Request for consultations; Unrestricted
G/SPS/7/Rev.2/Add.1/Corr.1 Comité de Medidas Sanitarias y Fitosanitarias - Notificación de la determinación del reconocimiento de la equivalencia de las medidas sanitarias o fitosanitarias - Decisión del Comité - Corrigendum 30/10/2002 Decision; Unrestricted
G/SPS/ENQ/13/Corr.1 WTO Secretariat National Enquiry Points - Note by the Secretariat 28/06/2002 Transparency; Note - Secretariat; Unrestricted
G/SPS/ENQ/4/Corr.1 WTO Secretariat National Enquiry Points - Note by the Secretariat - Corrigendum 23/05/1996 Transparency; Note - Secretariat; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1196/Add.1 Canada Technical assistance to developing countries - Communication from Canada - Addendum - [This document has been cancelled] 17/03/2014 Animal health; Food safety; Human health; Plant health; Technical assistance; Zoonoses; Communication; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1224/Corr.1 Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Information on relevant activities of COMESA (Common Market for East and Southern Africa) - Corrigendum 14/03/2013 Control, Inspection and Approval Procedures; Plant health; Technical assistance; Transparency; Communication; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1241/Corr.1 WTO Secretariat Documents and notifications circulated during 2012 - Note by the Secretariat - Corrigendum 12/04/2013 Transparency; Note - Secretariat; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1277/Rev.1 World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Cinquante-huitième réunion du Comité sur les mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires - Communication de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé animale (OIE) - Révision 11/10/2013 Animal health; International Standards / Harmonization; Communication; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1292/Corr.1 International Trade Centre (ITC) Information on SPS-related recent and forthcoming assistance and other activities from the International Trade Centre (ITC) (June - October 2013) - Corrigendum 22/10/2013 Food safety; Human health; Private standards; Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF); Technical assistance; Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT); Communication; Unrestricted
Burundi Comité des obstacles techniques au commerce - Création du Comité national de coordination et de suivi des mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires - Communication présentée par le Burundi - Révision 28/02/2014 Other concerns; Communication; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1312/Corr.1 WTO Secretariat Review of the operation and implementation of the SPS Agreement - Background document - Note by the Secretariat - Corrigendum 21/03/2014 Special and differential treatment; Background document; Note - Secretariat; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1342/Corr.1 Canada Technical assistance to developing countries - Communication from Canada - Corrigendum 10/07/2014 Technical assistance; Communication; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/144/Rev.1/Corr.1 WTO Secretariat Summary of the Replies to the Questionnaire on SPS-Related Web Sites - Note by the Secretariat - Corrigendum 13/03/2000 Transparency; Note - Secretariat; Questions and Replies; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1461/Corr.1 Senegal Protocole d'accord entre le Sénégal et la Chine, relatif aux exigences phytosanitaires pour l'exportation de l'arachide - Communication sur l'article 4 de l'Accord sur les mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires de l'OMC : principe d'equivalence - Communication du Sénegal - Corrigendum 27/10/2015 Equivalence; Communication; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/1474/Corr.1 Southern African Development Community (SADC) SADC report to the World Trade Organisation Sanitary and Phytosanitary Committee meeting on SPS activities - Meeting of 15 - 17 March 2016 - Corrigendum 15/03/2016 Animal health; Food safety; Human health; Plant health; Technical assistance; Report; Unrestricted
G/SPS/GEN/169/Corr.1 European Union Communication by the European Communities - White Paper on Food Safety - Corrigendum 17/03/2000 Food safety; Communication; Unrestricted

Page 1 of 242   |   Number of documents : 4827